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Delaware is a Great State for Solar

Solar as a technology depends on sunlight to produce electricity. In theory, the only thing that should affect how well solar works should be how many hours of daylight the solar panels receive. If the panels receive more sunlight, the consumer receives more electricity. That’s not exactly true though.

There are several factors that affect how good solar is from an investment standpoint:

  1. Price of electricity
  2. State laws
  3. Incentives and rebates

Solar Roofs vs Solar Panels

You may have heard the announcement this spring from Tesla that they will be offering solar roofs that are integrated into the house in place of a traditional roof. It’s an exciting time to be alive when innovations like this are announced and making the future seem even better and brighter.

Hopefully, solar roofs will be a common feature of a new home and an option for people looking to replace their roof someday. It seems to make sense: use your roof where solar panels might normally be placed, and make the roof a kind of solar panel itself.

There are some hurdles to be worked out before solar roofs begin to make more sense than traditional solar panels. In the meantime, traditional solar panels offer both advantages and disadvantages compared to the solar roof on the horizon.

Solar for Businesses

Solar isn’t just for homeowners. Major businesses are jumping on board to reap the benefits of the tax and energy savings. 

These large companies take advantage of many of the incentives available to Delaware businesses, large and small: tax credits, grants, and depreciation. However, Delaware is largely classified as a rural area, so even businesses in coastal areas and near cities often qualify for additional monies not available to the large corporations.

25 Interesting Facts About Solar

Not only is solar a smart choice for home and business owners but Clean Energy USA makes solar simple. So here are 25 interesting facts about solar power, ranging from the basic to the less widely known that show you how smart and simple it is to save money with solar.

Tax Refund and Other Benefits

What would you do with an extra $10,000 in your tax refund?

Did you know that the federal tax credit for solar is often $10,000 or more? What will your refund look like this year? Do you want a better return next year? Installing solar for your home this spring can mean a substantial refund in next year’s tax returns.


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