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Washington Post: Solar Momentum

Solar power should be a priority for policy makers worldwide. According to a recent study, solar is a fast-growing industry that has outgrown predictions time and time again. Assumptions that solar is too expensive or will take time to adopt often leave lawmakers and policy stakeholders to underestimate the actual current ability of renewables to become an inexpensive part of our energy future. Keep reading to learn more.

Clean Energy USA recently saw this article “We’ve been underestimating the solar industry’s momentum. That could be a big problem.” in The Washington Post by Chelsea Harvey. Read the original article here:

Solar for Businesses

Solar isn’t just for homeowners. Major businesses are jumping on board to reap the benefits of the tax and energy savings. 

These large companies take advantage of many of the incentives available to Delaware businesses, large and small: tax credits, grants, and depreciation. However, Delaware is largely classified as a rural area, so even businesses in coastal areas and near cities often qualify for additional monies not available to the large corporations.


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