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How Solar Works

When the sun shines, solar panels create electricity.

Your solar panels convert sunshine into electricity. Your house uses all of the electricity it needs first, reducing your electric bill accordingly. When your panels are generating more electricity than your house needs, the excess power is sent back to the grid for others to use. When this happens, your electric meter spins backwards, giving you full credit for all of the electricity you produced! Your electric bill goes down by the amount of electricity your solar electric system produces each month, even if you haven’t used all of that electricity yourself. This is called net metering, and it’s one of the many reasons why Delaware is a great state for solar.


Savings are immediate, and long lasting.

An investment in solar today protects you from tomorrow’s rising energy costs.

Sunlight is free, so the power your solar panels generate for your home costs nothing. This translates to immediate savings on your power bill. Your Clean Energy USA solar panels have a 25-year warranty, so your panels become even more valuable every time the power company raises its rates in the future. And because your solar panels send excess power back to the grid (after covering all of your own home’s needs first), some months your power bill may actually be negative, allowing you to accrue a credit toward future bills. Actual savings depend on the size of your solar installation, your home’s energy consumption, and your power company’s rates, but everyone saves – and saves a lot. Delaware home owners with average power consumption typically recoup their upfront solar costs after five years of solar energy production.

Consider your typical monthly power bill and then think about that bill disappearing!


Incentives make solar cheaper than you think.

Credits from the federal government and grants from the state of Delaware and your power company combine to cover a large portion of installation costs.

Delaware is a great state for solar for many reasons, including the state’s net metering policy that allows you to earn credit toward future electric bills (literally rolling your electric meter backwards) when your solar panels generate more power than your home needs. Second, for better or worse, Delaware residents typically pay higher-than-average electric rates, meaning that power costs more in Delaware than in many other states, and therefore you’ll save more when you harness the sun’s free energy – especially when electric rates go up. And finally, the state of Delaware has partnered with regional power companies to offer grants that will offset your investment in solar panels or similar sources of renewable energy.

The U.S. government also funds the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit that allows consumers to get back 30% of their investment in solar in the form of a one-time tax credit at the end of the year in which your solar has been installed. This is not a tax deduction – it’s better. It means your tax bill goes down, or your tax refund goes up, by an amount equal to 30% of your solar installation costs. The federal tax credit is currently funded at this level for installations completed before December 31, 2019, and then goes down each year through December 31, 2021, when it is set to expire altogether.

Clean Energy USA works closely with each customer so you’ll understand and collect each of the financial rewards available to you. Now is the time to invest in solar, while these incentives still exist!


How do I know if solar will work on my house?

Solar works anywhere the sun shines. Clean Energy USA will provide a free assessment of your house’s solar potential so you know exactly how well solar will work at your location.


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