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See what our customers are saying about their solar panels, their savings, and their experience working with Clean Energy USA.

Randy and Kathy

Lewes, Delaware

  • Favorite thing about solar: Will never worry when electricity prices rise dramatically in the future.
  • Lowest electric bill: -$44.00
  • House Size: 3,200 sq ft
  • Tax Credit Received for Solar: $8,800

“Our bill was negative $22 last month.”

When your solar panels produce more power than your home needs – typically during months when the sun is strongest or you’re extra conscious of your energy consumption – that excess power is sent back to the power grid, and you accrue a credit with the power company that’s put toward future month’s bills.


“I can’t imagine going back to a house without solar.”

Once homeowners experience the benefits of lower bills, electricity is no longer a noticeable part of their budget. After living in a house with solar, it’s hard to imagine going back to a situation where electric bills are a burden.


“Clean Energy USA made the experience easy and enjoyable.”

Customers often assume that the solar process will be difficult. Clean Energy USA has a team of experts to make sure everything goes as planned from design and installation, to facilitation of rebates and grants – ensuring that each customer receives every incentive to which they’re entitled.


“It’s cool we can always see exactly how it’s working.”

With online and mobile monitoring included with every installation, customers can see the savings their solar panels are producing. Clean Energy USA also monitors each system remotely to ensure maximum productivity.


Why Our Customers Love Solar


We recently asked a few Clean Energy USA customers to share stories about why they love solar. But don’t take our word for it. Their low power bills speak for themselves!

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