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Randy and Kathy

Lewes, DE

Favorite thing about solar: Will never worry when electricity prices rise dramatically in the future.

Lowest electric bill: -$44.00

House Size: 3,200 sq ft

Tax Credit Received for Solar: $8,800


“Our bill was negative $22 last month.”

When the solar produces more electricity than the house can use, a credit is issued that carries forward to the next month. That way all of the electricity the solar panels create year-round saves you money.


“I can’t imagine going back to a house without solar.”

Once customers experience low and negative electric bills, they are no longer a noticeable part of their budget. After living in a house with solar, it is hard to imagine a life where electric bills are an issue.


“CEUSA made the experience easy and enjoyable.”

Customers often assume that the solar process will be difficult. Clean Energy USA has a team of experts to make sure everything goes as planned from the design and installation to doing everything for the customer so they receive their incentives.


“It’s cool we can always see exactly how it’s working.”

With online and mobile monitoring included with every installation, customers can see the savings they are experiencing. CEUSA also monitors the systems remotely to ensure maximum productivity.


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