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Schell Brothers Earns Solar Platinum Builder Award for 1,000 Homes

platinum builder awardOctober 6, 2017

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware– Delaware solar company Clean Energy USA recently awarded homebuilder Schell Brothers the first Platinum Builder award, which signifies 1,000 homes built by Schell Brothers have installed solar panels.

“Solar gives our customers the ability to ensure that their bills remain low no matter how expensive electricity may be in the future,” said Chris Schell, president of Schell Brothers.

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. A house or business uses that electricity, reducing the amount needed to be bought from the utility companies. When a property cannot use all of the power that is being created by the solar panels, the excess goes through the electric meter, spinning it backward at the same rate as it spins forward. If at the end of a billing period, the meter shows that more power has gone out through the meter than into the meter, a credit will show on that customer’s electric bill. This concept is called “net metering”.

Solar is easily installed in Schell Brothers  new construction homes, new roofs ensure that the long life of a solar panel will align the long life of a new roof. New homebuyers appreciate the ability to include the cost of solar panels in their mortgage making solar instantly cash flow positive.

Clean Energy USA was founded in 2007 and has grown as solar has become more affordable, and as local residents realize the advantages of having solar on their homes and businesses. Clean Energy USA has installed over 50% of the purchased residential solar electric panels in Sussex County, many on new homes while under construction.

Incentives typically cover over 2/3 of the price of the system, depending on system details and location. “I could not believe how inexpensive solar was, especially with all of the builder, state, and government incentives,” said Schell Brothers and Clean Energy USA customer Lynn Cattafi.

“Our customers tell us time and time again how happy they are to have installed solar. Some of them are hesitant until they receive their first electric bill. When they do, they become our biggest advocates. The exciting thing is that it works! You can actually eliminate paying for your electricity with solar,” said John Sertich, president of Clean Energy USA.

Clean Energy USA also installs solar on businesses and non-profits. The combined savings for all of the systems they have installed to date is well over 120 million dollars.  Those numbers only include the savings during the 25 year warranty of the solar panels and not additional savings that will be generated during their expected useful lifetime.

State and Federal incentives have helped drive growth in solar, and in turn has made the price of solar lower through increased efficiencies and competition. “The State of Delaware and the large power companies have been great partners in solar electricity. It benefits the utilities by providing relief for the grid during peak sunshine hours in the summer,” said Sertich.



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