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Schell Brothers Next Step: Solar

Your next step in your Schell Brothers homebuilding experience is to have a short phone conversation to learn how solar can benefit you. Over 1,000 Schell Brothers homeowners have chosen solar to eliminate their electric bills. Take advantage of federal, state, and Schell Brothers’ incentives for solar and ensure that you will never have high electric bills, no matter how expensive electricity rates are in the future.

Schell Brothers homeowners love their solar. When building your house, we want you to understand the benefits of solar and consider adding it to your new home. So many Schell Brothers homeowners mention that they are so happy they did once they start experiencing the benefits of having solar as part of their house.

Solar uses sunlight to eliminate your electric bills. Solar panels turn sunlight into electricity. Your house uses that electricity, which means you don’t need to buy as much from the utility. And thanks to Delaware law, any electricity that your solar panels produce but your house doesn’t need at that moment automatically goes back into the community for someone else to use. When that happens, your electric meter spins backwards! Either way, all of the electricity that your solar panels produce makes your electric bills go down. In some months, your electric bill can be negative!

Solar gets more valuable over time! Solar panels last a long time and get more valuable every time electricity prices rise. With a 25-year warranty on Clean Energy USA solar panels, you can be sure that your bills remain an afterthought even if power rates double or triple in the future. Solar pays for itself very quickly and then gains value as time goes by.

Current incentives pay for most of the cost. Solar is less expensive than ever and current Schell Brothers, state, and federal incentives pay for much of the remaining costs. You will lock in your incentives when you get pricing from your Clean Energy USA solar expert.

Know what to expect from your Schell Brothers solar consultation. A Clean Energy USA solar expert will look at your house as well as your overall lot or home site, and will design a solar electric system that’s customized for you. During the consultation, you will learn about how solar works and get the specifics on benefits, costs, and incentives associated with solar. The conversation is typically done on the phone and takes less than fifteen minutes.


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