Solar Benefits

Solar is an investment that yields a lifetime of financial rewards.

  • Solar reduces your electricity bill as the sun shines. All of the power that the system creates directly shrinks your bill. Watch your meter spin backwards!
  • Solar saves you more money every time electricity rates rise. If in 15 years, rates have tripled, your solar will still be offsetting your bill, but saving you three times as much as today!
  • Solar requires no maintenance. Once it is installed, it just goes to work. It also comes with online solar monitoring so you can see how much power it is producing at all times.
  • Solar makes your home more attractive to buyers. Show them your electric bill and when they compare it to homes without solar, they can pay more each month in their mortgage rather than pay for high electric bills!

Did you know our typical customer will save $100,000* on their electric bills during the panels’ useful lifespan?

What would you do with YOUR solar savings?


*Based on an annual system savings of $1,820 and 3.9% annual increase in electricity rates over 30 year expected panel lifetime with minimal loss in panel output.


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