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Tax Refund and Other Benefits

What would you do with an extra $10,000 in your tax refund?

Did you know that the federal tax credit for solar is often $10,000 or more? What will your refund look like this year? Do you want a better return next year? Installing solar for your home this spring can mean a substantial refund in next year’s tax returns.

How does the refund work?What would you do with an extra 10k?

The federal government is still offering a tax credit that pays for 30% of your system’s cost. Due to uncertainty in Washington, D.C., it is unsure if this tax credit will be in place after 2017. Installing a system this year guarantees you qualification for the federal credit. After 2017 you are at risk of missing out on this additional savings.

This is a true credit, not a deduction off of your income like mortgage interest. For example, when you have a $10,000 tax credit, your refund goes up by $10,000 or what you owe goes down by $10,000.

How do the panels save money?

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity. A house or business uses that electricity, reducing the amount needed to be bought from the utility companies. When a property cannot use all of the power that is being created by the solar panels, the excess goes through the electric meter, spinning it backward at the same rate as it spins forward. If at the end of a billing period, the meter shows that more power has gone out through the meter than into the meter, a credit will show on that customer’s electric bill. This concept is called “net metering”.

“Our customers tell us time and time again how happy they are to have installed solar. Some of them are hesitant until they receive their first electric bill. When they do, they become our biggest advocates. The exciting thing is that it works! You can actually eliminate paying for your electricity with solar,” said John Sertich, president of Clean Energy USA.

Why should you use Clean Energy USA?

Clean Energy USA not only installs solar on homes but also on businesses and non-profits. When you combine the savings for all of the systems they have installed to date, the estimated savings on electric bills will be well over $130,000,000.  Those savings are based on the 25 year warranty period of the solar panel. Additional savings well over that will be generated during their expected useful lifetime.

State and federal incentives have helped drive growth in solar, and in turn, has made the price of solar lower through increased efficiencies and competition. “The State of Delaware and the power companies have been great partners in solar electricity. It benefits the utilities by providing relief to the grid during peak sunshine hours in the summer,” said Sertich.

Clean Energy USA partnered with local homebuilder Schell Brothers to install solar on new homes built in the region. Schell Brothers homeowners account for nearly half of all residential installations for Clean Energy USA, which has over 1,300 installations to date. “Solar gives our customers the ability to ensure that their bills remain low no matter how expensive electricity may be in the future,” said Chris Schell, president of Schell Brothers.

Who is Clean Energy USA?

Clean Energy USA is a full-service local team of experts taking care of everything for your solar installation from planning and design to incentive paperwork and service. Solar should not be complicated and they have the team in place to make your experience easy.

Don’t take a chance with out-of-area companies when your solar will be around for at least the next 25+ years. Clean Energy USA only uses employees for installations including electricians. Nothing is outsourced. With over 1,300 installations, their customers can agree that the smart & simple choice for solar is Clean Energy USA.


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