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The Eclipse & Solar

solar eclipse chartsCheck out how Monday’s eclipse impacted solar production locally. This 411 is brought to you thanks to the findings of one of our favorite solar guru’s over here at Clean Energy, Charles Davidson.

“Just about everything that could be said about this week’s solar eclipse probably has been said. Those of us in Delaware where coverage was visible at only 80%, it wasn’t quite as spectacular as we probably hoped. But from a solar power perspective, this event beautifully illustrates the awesome power of the sun.

The image, to the left, you can see what a typical sunny day looks like in solar production. You can see once the sun rise occurs power production shoots way up making tons of free and clean electricity. The Image to the right shows how rapidly production dropped after the eclipse started. Even though the sun was only partially covered the moon still reduced an amazing amount of energy from hitting the earth.

The junior astronomer in me wishes solar eclipses would happen more often because they are so cool. The solar power guy in me is really happy this is a once in a century event!”


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