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The Health Benefits of Solar

Not only is solar a smart choice for home and business owners but Clean Energy USA makes solar simple. So here are 3  interesting facts about the health benefits of solar power.

1. No PollutionHealth Benefits of Solar Panels

Solar power produces no pollution, which is a by-product of non-renewable energy consumption and one of the biggest global killers. It affects as many people as HIV or malaria and has a serious effect on children, whose bodies are often more vulnerable than those of adults.

2. Better Air

China is the world’s leading solar producer and seeks to triple its capacity by 2020. These goals are largely tied to the fact that China’s air pollution makes it almost impossible for citizens to breathe in cities like Shanghai and Beijing.

3. Better Future

A household rooftop solar panel system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of CO2 in its lifetime — including the energy it took to manufacture the solar panels. This can improve future air quality for humans as well as the millions of birds, fish, and mammals that are negatively affected by pollution each year.

To find out more about the benefits that come with choosing solar energy for your home, visit our Solar Benefits page or contact us for a free quote. We are happy to answer any and all questions you might have regarding solar panels in Delaware, clean energy, or starting the process of putting panels on your home. 



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