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Giving Back To The Community!

Clean Energy USA announces a new community give-back program that sets up qualifying organizations with cost-saving solar energy. Through this initiative, nonprofits and other local organizations can enjoy a reduction in electric bills!

Relieving the heavy burden of electric bills goes a long way in helping our valuable nonprofits and other community organizations maintain their day-to-day operations. A reduction in electric bills gives local groups greater power to complete their community-minded missions and projects.

Are you a community organization
in Delaware?

Connect with CEUSA today to learn more about our solar donation program!

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Solar Is Set-It and Forget-It Technology 

Once we install the solar panels, you never have to think about the system again. There’s absolutely no maintenance to schedule! The solar panels go on your roof and your energy bills are drastically reduced or even eliminated thanks to the power of the sun.

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Power to The People

We’ve already donated a complete solar array to What Is Your Voice, a Sussex County nonprofit organization that helps survivors of domestic, family, and teen-dating violence. This crucial community resource can now keep the lights on for all of the people they empower with their mission, vision, and values.

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Learn How We Can Help

Contact Clean Energy USA for a full accounting of all the ways you can make the system pay for itself!