Residential Solar Incentives

Make Solar Work For You

As part of the Clean Energy USA process, we make sure you reap the benefits of both state and federal solar tax incentives. This makes solar power more than a means of powering your home, but also a means of fortifying your finances.

With the combination of tax incentives and energy cost savings, a solar panel system eventually pays for itself—and then some!

How Much Does Solar Cost?

The price of residential solar energy has come down in recent years, but the tax incentives are at an all-time high! A typical residential solar system includes more than $10,000 in incentives, which covers most of your system’s cost. With incentives like this, it’s not only the future that’s bright, but the present, too!

Solar Incentives

Here are some of the possible incentives you can expect with solar energy!

  • A Federal Tax Credit
  • Delaware Grants
  • Delaware Environmental Incentives
  • Local Rebates and Incentives
  • CEUSA promotions

Contact Clean Energy USA for a full accounting of all the ways you can make the system pay for itself!


Solar Energy Incentives for Residential Customers

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Go Solar in Delaware!

You can apply for state-backed, low-interest loans, known as Green Grant Delaware

It all shines a light on one indisputable fact: It’s an amazing time to go solar! Act now before the federal tax credit value goes down!



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