How To Care For Your Solar Panels

The beauty of solar arrays from Clean Energy USA is the "hands off" nature of it all. Our solar designs are calibrated specifically to ensure that you and your family reap the benefits of solar without having to worry about any sort of daily maintenance or expenses related to costly—and frustrating—repair needs. 

If you still have questions about how to care for solar panels, we've got your answers. Check out some of the most frequently asked questions from customers concerned about solar panel upkeep—and why you really don't need to worry about it at all. 

Your solar panel system involves more than merely the panels on the roof. There’s the racking that’s needed to affix the panels to your home and of course the wiring and inverters that connect your panels to the home’s electrical system and grid at large. Each component of your solar panel system is important to the overall functionality and efficiency of your system. We've got it all in check.

1. Do I need to monitor my solar panels for dirt or debris?

No! Solar panels rarely need to be cleaned, as there's enough rain in the Delaware area to cleanse the panels of any dirt or debris. What's more, our technicians place a protective pest-deterrent wrap around the panels so that debris and critters do not get underneath the panels. Bottom line: These solar panels are designed so that dirt and debris is not an issue at all. 

As for snowfall, snow actually melts faster on the panels than it will on the rest of the roof (thanks to the heat of the sun). This is something you can watch happen in real time. After a snowfall, take a look at your panels from across the street and you'll see for yourself that there's no build up of snow, no matter how many inches are on the ground. 

2. Do I need to worry about the structural integrity of my roof?

Absolutely not. Mounting solar panels to your roof involves a racking system that holds the weight of your solar panels and ensures structural integrity. Built with skilled craftsmanship, the racks are strategically tested by Clean Energy USA to guarantee durability. 

Our solar designs are calibrated specifically to ensure that you and your family reap the benefits of solar without having to worry about any sort of daily maintenance or expenses related to costly—and frustrating—repair needs. 

3. Should I be concerned about severe weather?

Clean Energy USA has you covered when it comes to any harsh weather conditions. Our solar panels are built tough, rated against one-inch balls of hail at 40 mph before any damage occurs. Clean Energy USA solar panels are also tested to stay attached to your roof against category 2 hurricanes—which is greater than the requirement of your actual home!

Rigorous industry testing and certifications make solar a reliable and renewable energy source that people across the country can count on during severe weather. If your solar panels are grid-connected and there’s a power outage, your panels will shut off even if they’re in perfect working condition. Solar batteries can help you continue to harness energy from the sun even if the grid is down. Your solar batteries will generate electricity for your home, and your panels will continue replenishing your battery’s power reserves with solar energy until the grid is back up and running again. 

4. Should I track how the sun and shade interact with my panels?

That's not necessary! When we install your solar panels, we do so in a way that promises maximum performance, positioning your solar panels to be in direct sunlight for as many hours as possible. At Clean Energy USA, we utilize solar installation technology called a "Suneye," which is an electronic instrument that measures shade and solar access while evaluating a site for a solar energy system. This happens during the assessment period, while we're designing a solar array specifically for you home. This action predicts sun and shade throughout the year, optimizing your solar system for maximum energy efficiency. 

5. How can I track my energy usage after solar installation?

Inverters help you more closely monitor your energy usage, with a display that includes your immediate power output, as well as daily and cumulative data. More sophisticated inverters are even capable of translating your kilowatt-hours into pounds of carbon dioxide—figures that illustrate how solar panels actually shrink your carbon footprint.

Clean Energy USA inverters come with an app, so you simply have to log on to see all the energy you've saved in real time. 


Solar panels are a “hands off” technology that you rarely have to think about during your everyday life. Clean Energy USA designs and installs solar panel systems with the expressed purpose of saving you money on your electric bill, not to give you yet another homeowner headache.

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